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Top Five (or Six) Books

I’ve been fortunate enough to read 50 books since I entered Life 3.0 back in 2019, which have run the gamut from ‘hard to get through’ to ‘utterly fascinating’.

Arnica Lake

Arnica Lake is a challenging winter stroll due to the elevation gain including a km long climb out of the valley at the end, but the sweeping views are amazing.

Grotto Canyon Hike

Despite a -21C weather start, it was a beautiful relaxing stroll with great views of the Hopi pictographs, icefalls, hoodoos, and a cave.

Stanley Glacier Snowshoe

Despite doing this trail a number of times in the summer and winter we ended up taking a wrong turn at the start which added a half hour to the journey.

Fullerton Loop Hike

Fullerton Loop is a relatively short and easy trail that is close to Calgary and offers some nice vistas of the Kananaskis Range and along the Elbow River.

Lillian Lake Winter Hike

Lillian Lake is mostly in a treed valley, but it does offer picturesque views of Galatea Creek, numerous small waterfalls, and several majestic peaks, especially on the bluebird day that we had.

Rummel Lake Snowshoe

Rummel is always a fun jaunt that provides a decent workout without ripping the lungs out.  On this overcast day, we weren't able to enjoy the usual mountain views.