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Barrier Lake Lookout Hike

Barier Lake Lookout trail is a steady but not extreme climb to a couple of different viewpoints that provide panoramic views of Kananaskis Country and from Canmore to Calgary.

Golf Is Completely Mental

The mental side of golf and it's related health and wellness benefits provide tremendous benefits to people that participate in this legendary sport.

Porcupine Ridge Hike

Porcupine Ridge is a unique and challenging hike with a creek crossing combined with some scrambles but it has panoramic views once you break out of the trees.

Picklejar Lakes Hike

Picklejar Lakes is a moderate hike in difficulty and length.  There are four lakes set in a picturesque amphitheater of rock.

Golf Reimagined – Podcast 2

Golf Reimagined Business Analyst Justin Lukacs interviews Golf Reimagined Business Advisor Bob Schmal who provides great insight into the game.

James Walker Hike

James Walker is a relatively easy hike with some great views of the massive rock walls surrounding the valley and the trail rarely has any people on it.

Tent Ridge Hike

Tent Ridge is a challenging hike with varied terrain throughout the trail but it provides the most spectacular views of any hike.

Golf Course Winter Activities

Golf courses in most of Canada only generate revenue for roughly half the year. Golf Reimagined has come up with numerous ways to optimize the winter season.

Pocaterra Ridge Hike

Pocaterra Ridge has one of the most extensive larch tree areas and can be viewed without having to tackle the grueling climb up to the ridge.