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Tidbits Quarry, Meander, New Connector Hike


  • Tidbits Quarry, Meander, New Connector Hike



  • November 13, 2021



  • Ed, An, Craig, Janet, Erin, Kirk, Diane, Ian, Sheila, Oak, Jane, Luna, Russ, Angela, Hunter, Kate, Shelley, Maggie, Peter, Lisa, Mike, Brenda



  • take Highway 1 west to the last overpass to Canmore
  • at the top of the overpass, turn left onto Harvey Heights road
  • the parking lot is a half km down the road on the right-hand side
  • the trailhead starts at the NW corner of the parking lot
  • the trail can be tricky to follow, so it’s best to download a GPS map, although the trail signs at each major intersection are well marked



Degree of difficulty:

  • 425 meters elevation
  • 7.2 km
  • the hike took us two hours
  • we did the loop in a counter-clockwise manner



Interesting notes:

  • most of the hike is in the woods, so the views are very limited
  • overall it was somewhat boring, so Kardy nicknamed it ‘One and Done’
  • this is a good family-friendly hike that has easy access given its proximity to Canmore
  • you may need to watch out for bikers as this is a popular trail for the two wheelers


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