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Saddleback Pass and Fairview Mountain


  • Saddleback Pass and Fairview Mountain



  • September 21, 2023



  • Ed, Craig, Jimmy, Apollo, Rod, Ian



  • a 60-minute drive (80 km) from Canmore
  • the trailhead is out of the SE corner of the parking lot behind the washrooms at the upper parking lot
  • head east (away from Lake Louise) and follow the signs



Degree of difficulty:

  • 600 meters elevation to Saddleback Pass and 1000 to the top of Fairview Mountain
  • 8.4 km to Saddleback and 12 km to Fairview Mountain (round trip distances)
  • the hike took us just over four hours
  • the trail steadily gains elevation right from the start, up to Saddleback Pass
  • the climb from Saddleback Pass to the top of Fairview is very steep and exposed all the way
  • this is a challenging hike if you go beyond Saddleback Pass



Interesting notes:

  • we started the hike in 0C weather, but it climbed to 15C, and it was a spectacularly sunny day with no clouds
  • it was larch season, but the crowds were not too bad until the last part of the descent
  • the initial part of the trail is quite forested, but once you break out of the trees, the 360 views are amazing
  • the views include Mount Temple, Mount Sheol, Mount Haddo, and several other majestic peaks
  • at the top of Fairview Mountain, you get a spectacular view of Lake Louise and all the surrounding peaks, as well as across to the Lake Louise ski hill


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