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Windtower Mountain


  • Windtower



  • June 29, 2024



  • Ed, Dave, Craig, Roger, Oak, Peter



  • 18 km from Canmore heading south on the Spray Lakes Road
  • park on the right-hand side of the road, then cross the road
  • a few minutes up the trail, it crosses the High Rockies biking trail, where you turn left and then take a quick right up a steep incline
  • at the pass, there is a trail to the right that crosses several rock cliffs through the treeline until you turn left for the grunt straight to the summit



Degree of difficulty:

  • 975 meters of elevation gain
  • 10 km
  • the trail starts as a steady but not severe uphill for 3 km to West Wind Pass, which takes about an hour
  • from West Wind Pass to the scree slope on Windtower, can be quite challenging as it involves some scrambling
  • the stretch from the treeline to the summit is a steady incline on a very open slope
  • the hike took us just over five hours



Interesting notes

  • the hike offers amazing views of Rimwall, Wind Pass, Mount Lougheed, Pigeon Mountain, Mount Nestor, Centennial Ridge and many other mountains in the Spray and Bow Valleys
  • this was our first time doing Windtower despite looking at the ominous climb on our many hikes up West Wind Pass
  • the name Windtower comes from the typically excessive wind at the top


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