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Old Growth Forest Hike


  • Old Growth Forest



  • June 2, 2021



  • Ed, Marilyn, Kara, Sophie



  • from Nelson head north on Highway 3A towards Balfour for 27 km (24 minutes) and turn left onto Kokanee Glacier Road
  • take Kokanee Glacier Road for 11.7 km to a parking lot on the right-hand side of the road
  • this forestry road is bumpy but was doable in our daughters Rav 4
  • walk back down the road for 25 meters to the trailhead on the right-hand side
  • the trail descends through the forest and along the river



Degree of difficulty:

  • 100 meters of elevation
  • 2.3 km round trip on the loop trail
  • fairly easy stroll with a bit of elevation in spots
  • the hike took us 1 hour



Interesting notes:

  • the cedars are ancient (some over 800 years old) and massive
  • there are some massive boulders that are very majestic, along with Kokanee Creek, which was flowing rapidly
  • there are numerous interpretive signs and viewpoints
  • this area was part of a 7 km aerial tramway that moved ore in the early 1900’s from the Molly Gibson mine perched above Gibson Lake down the steep valley
  • if you are looking for more adventure, then drive another ten minutes up the road for the short Gibson’s Lake trail or the longer Kokanee Lake Trail
  • on the way to the trail along Highway 3A, a black bear came rushing across the road and slammed into the rear passenger door where Kara was sitting but luckily, the bear, us, and the vehicle were all fine