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Carol’s Ridge Hike


  • Carol’s Ridge



  • May 29, 2021



  • Ed, Marilyn, Jace, Mary-Anne



  • from downtown Kelowna take Gordon south, turn left on McClure, right on Raymer, then left on Hubbard
  • the trail starts at the end of Hubbard Road to the right of the City Utility building
  • the trailhead starts to the right to work your way up towards Crawford Estates
  • there are other trailhead access points at the end of Bullock Road and Raymer Road



Degree of difficulty:

  • 200 meters of elevation
  • 3 km round trip
  • we did the trail in a counterclockwise direction which follows a few switchbacks up to the ridge where you take a path to the left along the ridge and then drop into Westpoint Drive
  • the hike took us 1 hour



Interesting notes:

  • the area is known as Mission Ridge Park, but the trail loop we did is not on any maps, so we renamed it Carol’s Ridge in honor of my sister Mary-Anne’s friend Carol who hiked this route with her group of friends for several years
  • there are beautiful views of Okanagan Lake from the ridge, where you also walk through a very sandy section
  • as you exit the ridge, you wind your way down Westpoint Drive for a block before turning left back onto the dirt trail
  • the houses on Westpoint Drive are spectacular modern structures with beautifully landscaped yards
  • this is a very popular trail, with almost everyone having a dog along for the stroll