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Tips for a Beginner Golfer from Professional Al Lovell

Golf Reimagined consultant, and long-time professional golfer, Al Lovell offers up some tips to those trying to learn this great game.


With the pandemic, the interest in golf and the number of people participating in the game have grown significantly in the past year. So now you’re interested in golf, but how and where do you start.


What we will try and do over the next few weeks is give those new to golf a road map on how to get involved in the game, equipment advice, and some instruction to help you get the most enjoyment out of a fun leisure activity.


So you’re not sure if golf is for you. Head off to your local driving range (they should have some clubs for you to rent or use).


Most places have drivers for you to hit, but if you want to learn the game faster and enjoy it more, I recommend you get a seven iron to use. It is shorter, has more loft, and is easier to use and get some good results with. There are clubs made for men and women. Make sure you get an appropriate club to try.


If you’re just taking up the game, bring a friend with you. You can enjoy when you hit a good shot and laugh when things don’t go as planned (and there will be lots of those).


When you’re starting, put the ball on the tee, even if you’re just using a seven iron (the tee should be 1/4-1/2 inch high), and you’re ready to swing. There will be lots of people more than happy to give you advice and “help” you. I’ve been teaching golf for 25 years, and I’ve seldom seen anyone trying to help a new golfer actually help them.


Now for the last (and hardest) part of this. Do what YOU think is best. Hold the club the way YOU want, stand the way YOU want, and take a swing the best way YOU think you should swing the club. Have fun! Enjoy the challenge!


We’ll provide some tips and lessons in the following few articles to help you develop your swing. And they will help more than the person on the range mat next to you giving advice.