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Rummel Lake Winter Hike


  • Rummel Lake



  • December 14, 2019



  • Ed, Jace, Chris, Finn, Winnie, Michael, Django, Geoff, Lynn, Dave, Lorna



  • a half hour drive south (36 kms) from Canmore on the Spray Lakes Road, but it can also be accessed from Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
  • park on the road across from the intersection of the road to Mt. Engadine Lodge/Mt. Shark



Degree of difficulty:

  • 400 meters elevation
  • 10 km round trip
  • 3 hours total time on the trail
  • out and back on the same trail
  • moderate climb most of the way with no extreme elevation
  • there was no fresh snow, so we hiked (no snowshoes), but some people used the small metal crampons to improve their traction
  • need to follow the signage as the trail intersects with the High Rockies biking trail, but it is well marked



Interesting notes:

  • nice mid-level hike that does not burn out your lungs
  • nice views up and down the Spray Valley on the front end of the hike as you exit the first set of trees into a cut block
  • beautiful setting at the lake with Mt. Galatea as a backdrop
  • avalanche risk is low as long as you stay away from the sides of the valley at and above the lake
  • we only ran into a dozen or so other people on the trail