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Pauls Tomb Hike


  • Paul’s Tomb



  • July 22, 2020



  • Ed, Jace, Marilyn, Stephanie, Mary



  • located on the west edge of downtown
  • take Ellis Street through downtown until it ends at the base of Knox Mountain
  • the trailhead starts at the road at the far end of the parking lot



Degree of difficulty:

  • 200 meters of elevation
  • 8 km round trip
  • 2 hours total time on the trail
  • we took the clockwise loop that starts about 10 minutes into the hike
  • it’s a gradual climb for the first couple of km, and the clockwise loop has one short section with some rocks and scree so proper footwear is helpful
  • the rest of the path is very wide which allows ample room for the stream of hikers and runners
  • it is a moderate hike with some elevation but mostly a gentle up and down


Interesting notes:

  • Paul’s Tomb is named after Rembler Paul (one of the first white men to explore east and west of the Rockies), who wanted a tribute to his family, so he built the crypt in 1910 (his wife Elizabeth was buried there in 1914, and Rembler was buried in 1916)
  • our dog enjoyed cooling off in the water at the beach in the little secluded bay
  • this is a relatively easy hike for all ages and abilities although we endured 30C temperatures mid-morning
  • beautiful views up and down the north stretch of Lake Okanagan and the City of Kelowna
  • we came across bull pine and ponderosa trees along with a few other wildflowers
  • there is an outhouse close to Paul’s Tomb
  • there are numerous other trails on Knox Mountain and most of which provide a good uphill workout