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Nihahi South Ridge Hike


  • Nihahi South Ridge



  • July 8, 2023



  • Ed, Oak, Erin, Dave, Craig, Roger, Carolyn, Colleen, Kent, Jim, Angela



  • from Bragg Creek take Highway 66 West to the end of the road
  • you have to park at the equestrian center which is 1.7 km before the trailhead at Little Elbow Campground
  • walk along the road that parallels the river through the campground and then turn right at the sign for Nihahi Ridge
  • the trail branches off at times but ultimately seems to get you to the top



Degree of difficulty:

  • 750 meters of elevation gain
  • 12.5 km round trip
  • the hike took us four and three-quarter hours
  • it starts on the road through the campground for 1.7 km and then turns you start the ascent
  • it’s a fairly steep climb with two challenging scrambles near and at the top



Interesting notes:

  • this was my first time doing this hike, and the views were amazing
  • I suffered an oxygen deprivation headache for the first time in decades and likely due to being at sea level the few days prior
  • our group got separated on the way down as there are multiple branches of the trail
  • there are sweeping views of the entire Kananaskis region as well as the Elbow and Little Elbow Rivers and Nihahi Creek
  • you can hike the whole ridge, but it is 9 km long and tricky footing with steep drops on both sides
  • Nihahi Ridge was named in 1922 after the Stoney Indian word equivalent of ‘rocky’