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Lake Louise Hike


  • Lake Louise



  • April 2, 2021



  • Ed, Jace, Marilyn, Stephanie



  • take Highway 1 to the turnoff for Lake Louise and head over the overpass through the village and up the hill
  • the turnoff to the parking lot is to the left just before you reach the Chateau
  • the trail starts from the end of the parking lot that leads to the lake
  • there were two paths across the middle of the lake and down the west side



Degree of difficulty:

  • no elevation
  • 4 km out and back to the end of the lake
  • the paths were a bit slick, so grippers were a good idea
  • the hike took us just over an hour
  • very moderate



Interesting notes:

  • the hike provided fabulous views of the surrounding peaks, including the Big and Little Beehive, Mt. St. Piran, Devils Thumb, Fairview Mountain, and Victoria Glacier
  • at the front edge of Lake Louise, there was a huge skating pond that is regularly flooded and hence in great shape
  • there was also cross country tracks across the length of the lake
  • near the end of the lake on the right-hand side is a giant icefall where people were ice climbing
  • in the same area as the icefall, we enjoyed watching two Bluejays scurry about from tree to tree
  • Lake Louise is very crowded for good reason as it is as scenic an area as you will find