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KUHL Clothing Review

KUHL is a great brand of outdoor clothing that I have owned for the past few decades.


They recently asked me to ‘test drive’ a few pieces of their clothing, which I was happy to do.


The first piece is the Joyrydr jacket.

It’s a comfortable and stylish jacket that I wear over one or two other layers depending on the weather conditions.

I’ve had a ton of compliments on it.



The second piece is the Outsider pants.

They are made of a sturdy material that is good for my dog walks or on hikes, so they are very versatile.



The third piece is the Ryzer pullover.

This is my go-to piece of clothing, on its own or over a lighter undershirt.

It is stylish and super comfortable, so it can be used for everyday wear or sporting activities.



I also own two of their jackets, two of their heavier sweaters, and a mid-weight sweater which are all part of my ‘go-to’ pieces of attire.




KUHL is a brand not as well known as some other outdoor clothing companies, which is strange as their products are all elite, high-performance pieces.


You can view their products at www.kuhl.com