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Kettle Valley Railroad (Myra Canyon) Hike


  • Kettle Valley Railroad (Myra Canyon section)



  • August 7, 2020



  • Ed, Jace, Marilyn, Stephanie, Mary



  • the portion we hiked start is located in S.E. Kelowna at Myra Station on Okanagan Mountain
  • 24 km from downtown Kelowna (about a 40-minute drive)
  • take KLO road from downtown Kelowna then take the Y intersection right hand turn to McCullough Road towards Gallagher’s Canyon golf course
  • go past the turnoff to Gallagher’s until you get to the Myra Forest Service Road and turn right
  • follow this gravel road for 8 km to the parking lot where the trailhead starts at the far end


Degree of difficulty:

  • flat walk as the whole trail is only a 2.2% grade
  • we walked 4 km out and back (8 km total) of the 12 km trail
  • spent two hours on the trail
  • the hike is appropriate for all ages due to no elevation and a wide road path



Interesting notes:

  • most people bike this trail as you can cover more ground and there are rentals available at the trailhead
  • the trail is 910 meters (3000 feet) above Lake Okanagan
  • Myra Canyon section of the KVR runs through 2 tunnels and 18 trestles, most of which were rebuilt after the massive 2003 wildfires
  • the trail is along a steep-walled canyon
  • the railroad opened in 1915 and was built to preserve Canadian sovereignty of British Columbia and to retain the valuable mining revenues within Canada
  • the last trains ran in 1989, but the trail remained open as an off-road trail and part of the Trans Canada trail
  • it was declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 2002
  • there are lots of interesting signs along the path to explain the history of the railroad
  • Little White Mountain is prominent up the valley and is the largest peak in Myra Bellevue Park at 2170 meters (7122 feet)