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Kelowna P11 Workouts



The P11 workouts are:


Pump Iron:

I like to lift some free weights as it helps maintain strength for all the sports I do.  My workout takes about 20-30 minutes and includes stretching between exercises and finishing off with some rowing.


Ping pong:

This is a great sport for hand-eye coordination and is something my wife and I enjoy doing together.



I bought my paddleboard back in 2006 and was the only person on Okanagan Lake that had one for a couple of years, but now they are everywhere.  It is a good workout for balance and the upper body while also being meditative.



This is a new type of board that I bought a couple of years ago, and so far, I have not seen another one on our lake.  It is a nice complement to the paddleboard as it is similar to a Stairmaster, which is a good workout for the legs.  This Hobie Cat board is incredibly stable and well designed as you can turn on a dime and ride it in rougher waters.


Pedal bike:

The cruiser bike provides a good workout and is easy on the body given their upright design.  We enjoy riding down the Mission Creek Greenway and into the Pandosy Village area.


Push up:

I do a minimum of 50 pushups per day, which helps with the upper body strength.



I try to hold the plank position for 2-3 minutes a couple of times each day.  It seems to be a safer workout for an old guys six-pack than doing traditional sit-ups, which can be hard on the neck.



Swimming is a good overall body workout that does not put too much strain on the joints, so I try to work it into my regime a couple of times per week.


Pooch walk:

Our dog Jace gets to go for a couple of walks each day to a beach, along the Mission Park Greenway, or on one of the hiking trails around Kelowna.



Our family enjoys waterskiing, wakeskating, and surfing behind our boat.  They all use different muscles and require different techniques, which is fun to provide a variety.



The most important part of the workout is probably the meditative pauses we try to take in a day and something that I am still striving to incorporate more of into my regime.


Many thanks to Morgan Gelinas for her outstanding efforts in producing this video.