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Kelowna Four Peaks Hike


  • Kelowna



  • May 13, 2023



  • Ed, Oak, Jim, Todd, Kellie, Erin, Leah, Frankie, Saskia, Teagan, Kayla, Tilley



  • we started on the Pincushion trail which is located in Peachland
  • next up was Goat Mountain
  • third up on the rotation was Boucherie Mountain
  • the final leg was up Knox Mountain



Degree of difficulty:

  • Pincushion (310 meters, 3.9 km, 1.25 hours)
  • Goat (350 meters, 6 km, 1.45 hours)
  • Boucherie (270 meters, 6.1 km, 1.40 hours)
  • Knox (250 meters, 3.9 km, 1.15 hours)
  • the four peaks were 1180 meters, 19.9 km, and took 5.25 hours (which includes breaks at each summit)
  • we maintained a steady pace on this very hot spring day, and everyone finished with a smile on their faces



Interesting notes:

  • this was an idea that me and my daughter Leah conjured up in 2022, and it was fun to pull it off a year later
  • hopefully, this will become an annual tradition
  • the views from all of the hikes of Lake Okanagan were spectacular, as well as the interesting rock formations and trees
  • it would be helpful to have gloves in case you fall on the shale, which is prevalent on all the trails, and also as much water as possible