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Johns Family Nature Conservancy Hike


  • Johns Family Nature Conservancy



  • April 25, 2021



  • Ed, Sheldon



  • take Lakeshore Road and continue after it turns into Chute Lake Road past Summerhill Winery and turn left onto the gravel road for 2.9 km
  • the trailhead is on the right-hand side
  • you can also access the area from the Lebanon Creek trailhead on Lakeshore Road



Degree of difficulty:

  • there are a series of trails (five in total) in this area and hence a few options
  • in total, there are 8 km of official trails plus a few km of unofficial trails
  • there is some elevation change as you decide down towards the lake and particularly on the Lebanon Creek portion of the trail
  • the route we took was just under two hours



Interesting notes:

  • Johns Family Nature Conservancy covers over 400 hectares of land
  • Hector and Elizabeth John purchased the land, and their son Alf and his wife Nancy lived on it
  • Alf and Nancy donated 323 hectares of land for wildlife conservation in what was the largest land donation in Central Okanagan’s history
  • this land was combined with the land known as Cedar Mountain Regional Park
  • 2/3 of the park is off-limits to the public to protect the wildlife
  • the area is predominantly open due to the 2003 fire, but there are some interesting rock features and great views of Okanagan Lake
  • the first time we did this trail, in 2020, we had to turn back ten minutes into the hike as we got charged by a deer twice despite using bear spray on it
  • the area is more well known to the locals for climbing than hiking, so it’s not typically very crowded
  • at the top of the Crag trail are some rock chairs and a fire pit