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Holistic Nutritionist Interview

Tell us about your background in the wellness space.

For as long as I can remember I have been aware of the benefits of good health.   I am not sure where that came from to be honest,  as it was not something I was taught in my childhood, but it was always important to me to be physically fit.  It evolved further once I became a mom, and the important realization of not only teaching your kids to be active and healthy but to supply them with foods that are natural, alive, and of good quality.


What inspired you to get into the holistic nutrition business?

I saw a Naturopath Doctor speak at a work event and everything he said resonated with me and I had a major ‘aha’ moment.  I was struggling with a few health concerns, and I started seeing him on a regular basis.  He opened my eyes to the fact that I have the ability to take control of my own health in order to improve my symptoms.  I worked for 10 years at a private clinic specializing in knee bracing. I loved that job because I loved helping people find solutions to relieve their pain.  In 2020, during the lockdowns, I decided to pursue my passion for Holistic Nutrition and my love of helping others, and I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


What did the course involve?

Prior to 2020, CSNN did not offer online courses, which is why I was unable to enroll in their program.  I was working full time, raising two boys and my husband was out of town all the time.  However, in 2020, when the world changed, CSNN offered full-time online learning, which worked out very well for me.  The course covers modules such as Sports Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Pathology, Biochemistry, Hormone Health, Aging,  Allergies, Mental Health, Anatomy, and Mind Body & Spirit.  It has been a challenging educational journey, but I have loved every minute and learned so much.


Were there any surprise learnings?

There were many surprises, but the biggest one was the realization that the power of food can reduce and improve so many health concerns.  Food is medicine and it can drastically improve overall health.  Specific foods can target specific problems such as cruciferous vegetables can help balance hormones and coconut milk has anti-fungal properties, helping to reduce harmful bacteria in the gut, and parsley has anti-allergic compounds to lower histamine levels.  The list goes on and on!


What role do you hope to play in the wellness space?

My goal is to work as a Holistic Nutritionist where I can share my knowledge and passion with others.  I want to help people achieve the optimal health they deserve,  and live a long and fulfilling life.  Aging does not mean becoming decrepit.  There is absolutely no reason why we can’t flourish, thrive, and feel strong well into our 80s and beyond! Food is a powerful tool for longevity. I truly believe most people want to feel better, but they often don’t know where to start.  It can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be complicated.  The key is introducing specific beneficial foods into the diet, reducing the ones that can lead to inflammation, and keeping moving!


What are the main challenges in helping people?

The biggest challenge for people is lack of time.  Everyone is super busy with work, taxiing their kids to and from activities, and many other commitments.  It is much easier to stop at a drive-thru to save time,  and not everyone loves to cook.  There is preparation involved with eating healthy, but with a bit of organization, it is very achievable.  I try to offer baby steps of change along with simplified and easy recipes to help alleviate any concerns they may have.