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History Does Repeat Itself

This article was written by a good friend of mine (thanks JC) back in 2009 and seems appropriate for today’s situation.


Swine Flu Pandemic or Government Recession Policy


The economies of the world are in a recession and maybe even heading towards a depression.  Historically countries have tried a number of ways to alleviate this negative growth including spending their way out and with wars.  The U.S. government has tried both recently and apparently is running out of ideas.


Here’s what could very well be happening.  Manufacture a disease, whether real or not, something like H1N1 or Swine Flu, knowing the media will promote this as a  “pandemic”. Experts in the medical profession will unknowingly help as well.  After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.  What the media does do is play on peoples fears.  What we do know is that people are being quarantined, pigs slaughtered, flights to Mexico cancelled, everyone is wearing a mask on the news and experts are talking about vaccinations.


From a different perspective consider the following;


An estimated 500,000 people worldwide die of the “Flu” annually but this is never considered a pandemic nor is it given much media attention.  (The World Health Organization has quoted this number and it can be easily found searching the Internet).  There is no doubt that there is an H1N1 flu strain but why is this one gaining so much attention?  It must be because of its severity.


Phone your regional health hotline and indicate to them you think you have the Swine Flu.  Their response in my region was to say that its not serious, In fact, they didn’t even want to see me.  They did indicate that it’s a mild strain of Influenza and requires the usual therapy; stay home and rest.


Roche Laboratories has stated it has 400,000,000 units of Tamiflu in stock.  This drug is used to treat and prevent the flu.  Check out their website.  See if you can find whether it even works.  People will buy it anyways.  After all, it can’t hurt, right?


Well, who knows what’s in Tamiflu but here is what we do know that is present in vaccines.  Mercury, formaldehyde, aluminium hydroxide, aluminium phosphate, thimerosal, polysorbate ammonium sulphate, formalin, sorbitol, benzethonium chloride, glycerine, phenol, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, are all vaccine ingredients.  The source of these chemical compounds comes from chick embryonic fluid, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, vesicle fluid from calfskins and coal tar.  There might be more people getting sick from the exact same thing that is supposed to prevent them from being sick.


Check out those drug companies that might be positively affected financially by increased sales in vaccines etc.  My research tells me that these companies all had a significant run-up prior to the announcement of the swine flu.  How did anyone know something was going on unless it was somehow manufactured?


The Mexican government was forced to borrow 46 billion from the International Monetary Fund to shore up their treasury after their Peso has lost significant value.  Keep in mind Mexico is one of the United State’s largest trading partners and by devaluing their currency it makes it cheaper to buy their good and services.  No loan comes without strings attached and this is yet another way for U.S. interests to be exported abroad since they are the biggest sponsors of the IMF.  Watch for new quietly announced infrastructure developments in Mexico with U.S. firms in the near future.


Travel advisories have been issued to stop people from travelling to Mexico although the U.S. has confirmed over 400 cases of the “swine Flu” with no travel advisories to the “States”.  Why the double standard?


There is new evidence that the H1N1 strain might very well have come from a laboratory “mistake”.  These remarks come from Adrian Gibbs (he collaborated on designing Tamiflu) where he has sent a research paper to the WHO and they have promptly discounted the probability.  The 1977 “Russian Flu” has also rumoured to come from a laboratory.


The sad fact is that even if it turns out that the whole Swine Flu pandemic turns out to be more of a recession policy than a fluke of nature most of us won’t even care.  Aren’t we all prepared to be a little sick if that were to help out the economy?