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Galatea Lakes Hike


  • Galatea Lakes Hike



  • October 19, 2019



  • Ed, Jace, Chris, Finn, Winnie, An, Craig, Evan, Dave, Lorna



  • an little over an hour drive from Calgary and a 45-minute drive from Canmore
  • heading south on Highway 40 the parking lot is on the right-hand side about 3 km past the turnoff for the Kananaskis Golf Course



Degree of difficulty:

  • 870 meters elevation
  • 17 km round trip to Lower Galatea Lake
  • the hike took us five hours
  • the first 6 km is a moderate climb until Lillian Lake where the steep ascent starts for the next km
  • there was a light dusting of snow on the second half of the climb to Lillian Lake where most of the group used the metal grippers
  • there was significant snow from Lillian Lake to Lower Galatea Lake and up to knee-deep in places as you exited the trees at the scree slope before the lake
  • this is a moderate hike for most of the way other than the final grunt from Lillian Lake to Lower Galatea Lake



Interesting notes:

  • the initial forested part of the trail crosses several bridges along Galatea Creek where you witness the massive destruction from the 2013 flood
  • there are some nice waterfalls and pools of water where Dave and Lorna do some bathing when the weather is warmer
  • the first lake you come to is Lillian Lake which is quite picturesque
  • the trail offers views of Limestone Mountain, Mount Kidd, The Tower, Mount Galatea, and Fortress Ridge
  • this trail can also be used to access Lost Lake (no trail marking, so I didn’t see where it cuts off into this trail) and Guinn Pass/Ribbon Lake (the turnoff was moved from near Lillian Lake to just before Lower Galatea Lake)
  • there is a campground at Lillian Lake with 17 campsites
  • keep an eye out for the unique letter P shaped tree on your descent near the end of the hike