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Fullerton Loop Hike


  • Fullerton Loop



  • January 3, 2021



  • Ed, Jace, Brad



  • a 45-minute drive from Calgary
  • head west on Highway 8, turn south (left) at the traffic circle onto Highway 22, then west (right) onto Highway 66 (alternatively, you can take Highway 1 west and turn south onto Highway 22)
  • 10 km along Highway 66 you cross over a bridge on the Elbow River and then turn right onto Ranger Creek Road (Fullerton sign is on the right-hand side of the road)
  • the parking lot is across from the Allen Bill Day Use access road
  • the trailhead is located to the left of the washrooms
  • start on the main trail for 1.2 km and at the first junction turn left
  • after another 250 meters, you come to the Fullerton Loop
  • head counterclockwise to make for an easier climb
  • there are various junctions on this trail, but they are well marked for the most part



Degree of difficulty:

  • 225 meters elevation
  • 7 km round trip
  • the trail was packed down, so we chose to forego the snowshoes, and we were fine for the most part other than a few steep and icy sections along the ridge where Brad did perform one unanticipated body slam
  • the hike took us two hours
  • a moderate trail that is good for most levels of hikers



Interesting notes:

  • the Fullerton Loop section of the trail does not allow bikers or horses, so that makes for a more pleasant stroll
  • there are views of Moose Mountain, Banded Peak, Prairie Mountain, and down the Elbow River
  • the parking lot was packed, but people were spread out along the trail, so it didn’t seem busy