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Forgetmenot Ridge North Summit Hike


  • Forgetmenot North Ridge Summit



  • November 13, 2023



  • Ed, Craig, Peter, Roger, Rick, Kent, Kirk



  • from Bragg Creek, take AB 66 West for 33 km (30 minutes)
  • park at the equestrian center, which is 1.7 km before the trailhead at Little Elbow Campground
  • walk along the road that parallels the river and then turn left at the bridge
  • once across the bridge follow the trail that leads along the Little Elbow and then crosses the Big Elbow
  • shortly after crossing the Big Elbow the trail starts to ascend



Degree of difficulty:

  • 11 km
  • 725 meters
  • 4 hours
  • it starts flat for the first 2 km and then is a steep cardio busting uphill for 2 km (500 meters) before becoming a somewhat gentler incline
  • follow the cairns to stay on the trail



Interesting notes:

  • it s/b noted that this was a Craigventure hike with Mr. McD doing all the organizing and driving me to the trailhead (what a treat to take a sabbatical)
  • we were lucky that there was no water in the Big Elbow creekbed, but I am not sure what it is like at other times of the year
  • the wind gusts were crazy at about 80 km/hour
  • there are a couple of cool branches on the left-hand side on the steep ascent where people have somehow put rocks into the branches
  • there is a huge rock mound and protective rock barricade at the summit
  • the trail offers views of Nihahi Ridge, Powderface, Threepoint Mountain, many other peaks, and back to Calgary
  • once you come out of the last set of trees to turn left to the summit, you can also turn right and do a long ridge walk that ends up being a 20 km round trip
  • Forgetmenot was named in 1949 for its plethora of wildflowers including forget-me-nots