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Favorite Hiking Gear Of The Edventure Group

What is your favorite piece of gear, and why?

  • My boots..cause if the dogs are barkin…no one is having a good time.
  • My hiking boots…the one piece of gear I take everywhere I go. They are so comfortable…like an extension of my body.
  • Wearable – my synthetic hoodie. The crux of a hike is often in a high and breezy place, and I can slow down and tackle it if warm and comfortable. Non-wearable – hiking sticks. Helps break up the load and makes me feel safer in tricky spots.
  • I love my microspikes. Even at this time of year, there are icy spots, and they give you so much more confidence in your steps. Also my Gaiters, life is just better when you are less worried about wet feet and ticks.
  • Favorite gear is my micro spikes.
  • It has to be my grey man leggings. Keeps all my parts together tight and protects my legs when I’m wearing shorts, but I never get hot in them.  I still wear them, even though Geoff always makes fun of me.  They are perfect, like me.
  • Grippers! Never leave home without them!
  • My North Face backpack with all it’s compartments and outside pockets for my water and my pups water.
  • Water bottle – I don’t need a lot of gear, but hydration is critical 🙂
  • Comfortable footwear, technical clothing for the ever changing climate is what I enjoy. Always knowing that having the appropriate gear keeps us warm and dry and safe.
  • The last component of successful hiking is proper fitting and appropriate footwear. My three Salomon Crosstrainer’s never fail me (thank you Dave!). They are light while providing comfort, great grip and waterproof. Of course, the most essential gear is wonderful hiking folks whom you can count on to always have your back and on your slowest days the comfort in knowing they will be patiently waiting around the next corner with huge smiles and open hearts.
  • In winter, avy gear for safety and peace of mind.  Summer/fall, wind breaker/wet weather gear, dry shirt for changes in the weather.
  • Good knife, walking stick (don’t usually bring it on our hikes), compass.  Always need a knife in the woods, balance and orientation assistance.
  • I love my slip on microspikes. 4 season applications!  And when you live in a place where you can get 4 seasons in a day that’s important.