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Edventure Group Trail Food Choices

What food do you like to take on the trail?

  • Fruit.
  • I try to take a variety of things: fruit, nuts, sausage, rice crackers.
  • Whole-wheat pita, full of a variety of veggies along with some fruit and nuts.
  • Sandwiches for lunch, as they are easy to transport and eat, without bulky containers. Random snacks that you find in your Christmas stocking and would never eat in a house.
  • Soup and tea on colder hikes. Chocolate is always good.
  • Does eating everyone else’s lunch count?  I like packing super light and really don’t need much. So I like a chunk of cheese and some sort of meat and a chunk of bread. Will bring a water with me as well, but really nothing fancy. I’m a simple person.  I do very much look forward to Lynn and Geoff’s trail mix at the top of a hike. I also very much look forward to a beer at the end of the hike.
  • Nuts, chocolate and fireball!
  • Leftover pizza from Rocky Mountain Flatbread!!!
  • Fruits, nuts, sandwiches, and leftover pizza
  • I enjoy soup most of the hiking season and various chocolate treats with nuts!!
  • Fabulous food is interwoven into many of our life’s fondest memories. Hiking is an example of this as flavourful healthy food provides a well-deserved treat and assists in performance. My favorite hiking foods are olives and prosciutto as they provide the elements of flavor with the benefit of electrolyte replacement, which allows better performance and quicker recovery (love getting back on the trail sooner!). My secret hack is pickle juice in my Camelback as it has an incredible source of electrolytes, antioxidants, and nutrients. This eliminates my muscle cramping, dehydration and makes me feel resourceful in not wasting the liquid left over in pickle (or olive) jar.
  • Chocolate, Fireball, PB& J for lunch
  • Peanuts, cranberries, beef jerky, cheese, carmel pudding, chocolate, and I’m going to start taking my raclette stove on longer hikes.
  • Chocolate.  And more chocolate. Other people bringing chocolate to share also works.