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Common Cold Healing Remedies

As we enter the cold season, I’m reminding myself of all the various natural healing tricks in my tool kit.



  • oil of oregano
  • cinnamon twig pills
  • echinacea
  • vitamin C and D
  • elderberry
  • zinc
  • herbal lozenges



  • Lo Han Kuo tea
  • water
  • hot water, lemon, honey, and ginger
  • blueberry tea (herbal tea, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, a slice of orange)



  • oranges
  • kiwi
  • chicken soup
  • onions



  • rest
  • exercise (light to moderate)
  • steam shower
  • sauna


As always, with any health information, please seek the guidance of a qualified health advisor to determine the best needs for you.