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City on the Edge of Forever Hike


  • City on the Edge of Forever



  • July 24, 2022



  • Ed, Leah, Saskia, Teigan



  • from downtown Kelowna, take Highway 97 south
  • turn right onto Westlake Road and stay straight at the roundabout on Westlake Road
  • turn left onto Rosewood Drive until you reach the end of the road and park near the gate
  • the trail is beyond the gate on the right hand side and follows a wide service trail for about a half km towards the reservoir until you turn left up the mountain
  • it helps to load a GPS of the trail as there are several tricky intersections
  • we did the loop in the counterclockwise direction, which is steep at the start and steep switchbacks on the way down



Degree of difficulty:

  • 477 meters of elevation gain
  • 8 km loop
  • there are some steep parts with loose shale, so gloves are a good idea in case you fall
  • the hike took us 2 hours and 20 minutes



Interesting notes:

  • there are views at the top of Kelowna and West Kelowna, as well as Okanagan Lake and Rose Valley Lake
  • the trail is also used by mountain bikers so keep an eye out for them
  • there is a cool arch on the way up, a beautiful viewpoint at the top, and some cool rock outcroppings throughout the hike
  • we saw a couple of chaps filming an owl hidden in some bushes, which was amazing as they are so hard to spot