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Carrot Mountain Hike


  • Carrot Mountain



  • June 6, 2021



  • Ed, Zac



  • from downtown Kelowna, take Highway 97 south into West Kelowna, turn right onto Bartley Road, left onto Shannon Lake Road, turn right onto Shannon Woods Drive, then left on Shannon Heights Place 2334 Shannon Heights Place
  • the trail starts at the end of the cul-de-sac to the right of the fence across the road



Degree of difficulty:

  • 575 meters of elevation
  • 6.5 km round trip
  • we did the trail in a clockwise direction which worked out okay, although some people prefer to do it counterclockwise
  • it is a steep and sometimes treacherous trail, so good quality hiking footwear is recommended
  • on the downhill section, there is lots of heavy loose shale, so be very careful
  • some people refer to it as the Grouse Grind of Kelowna
  • the hike took us two hours and twenty minutes at a leisurely pace



Interesting notes:

  • Carrot Mountain is sometimes known as Davidson Creek
  • about halfway up the climb along Davidson Creek is a picturesque waterfall
  • there are sweeping views of West Kelowna, downtown Kelowna, Shannon Lake, Mt. Boucherie, and Okanagan Lake
  • the foliage along the trail includes Fireweed, Indian Paintbrush, Saskatoon berries, and Ponderosa pine
  • there is a Canadian flag at the summit and a tacky carrot sign
  • I was not able to find out where the name Carrot Mountain comes from
  • there is a longer trail that connects Carrot Mountain to Mount Swite, and Mount Hayman