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Canyon Creek Ice Caves Hike


  • Canyon Creek Ice Cave



  • March 30, 2024



  • Ed, Dave, Craig, Janet, Rod, Oak, Eldon, Peter, Lisa, Colleen, Steve, Janice



  • a 45-minute drive (64 km) from central Calgary
  • head West on Highway 8, turn left on Highway 22 and then west on Highway 66, and turn right onto Canyon Creek Road which is signed as Ing Mine
  • you park at the lot on the right hand side where the gate is
  • the trail starts along a road for about 5 km until it turns into a trail on the right hand side that leads up to the cave



Degree of difficulty:

  • 450 meters
  • 13 km
  • the hike took us four hours, but we took a wrong turn up the scree to a cave that didn’t exist
  • the trail is a gradual climb along the oil and gas access road and is not steep until you exit the road into the forest
  • the walk along the road in a small accumulation of snow felt like walking in sand, and the climb up the scree (albeit off trail) was very challenging



Interesting notes:

  • it was a spectacularly bluebird sunny day
  • unfortunately, we turned too early and missed the cave, so we’ll go back in the summer and likely bike along the road until the trail leading up to the cave
  • the cave was known to Indigenous people for eons, but was discovered in 1905 by Stan Fullerton
  • it was formed by freeze thaw cycles over the ages, enlarging fractures in the soluble limestone rock
  • the cave extends 494 meters into Moose Mountain
  • the main chamber is wide and spacious but there are narrower chambers that branch off
  • make sure to bring a headlamp or flashlight to see inside the cave
  • the views include Moose Mountain (where the cave is located) and Prairie Mountain


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