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Burstall Pass Snowshoe


  • Burstall Pass



  • January 15, 2022



  • Ed, Dave, An, Ian, Kirk, Oak, Erin, Kellie, Todd, Angelika, Carla, Emma



  • take the Spray Lakes (Smith Dorrien) road south from Canmore for about 45 km
  • the parking lot is on the right-hand side and is across from the Chester Lake parking lot
  • the trailhead starts out of the far end of the parking lot on the left



Degree of difficulty:

  • it depends how far you go as we went into the start of the upper meadow, which was 12 km and 300 meters
  • the trail climbs gently out of the parking lot for a few km’s before it flattens out in the first valley as it meanders in the trees until you to reach a meadow
  • you need to pay attention to the markers as you cross the meadow at about an 11 o clock angle to an opening in the trees that leads to a steep climb into the upper meadow
  • it took us 3 hours round trip



Interesting notes:

  • it was an overcast day so we had no view of the surrounding peaks and we could barely make out Robertson Glacier at the end of the valley
  • we had three new folks join the group