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Black Prince area (High Rockies suspension bridge and Black Prince cirque)


  • Black Prince area (High Rockies Suspension Bridge & Black Prince Cirque)



  • January 5, 2019



  • Ed, Jace, Geoff, Lynn, Eldon, Craig, Janet, Oak, Ceili, Luna, Peter, Lisa, Oggie, Don, Bailey, Kayla, Juneau, Chris, Finn, Winnie, Noel, Michael, Sandi, Siku, Neveah




  • we started at the Black Prince parking lot near the south end of the Spray Lakes Road
  • some folks came straight from Calgary to the trailhead from Highway 40 which shaves off about 15 minutes vs. coming thru Canmore
  • we walked across (east) the road to a new trail that makes it’s way up to the High Rockies trail
  • at the High Rockies trail, we turned right (south) and headed towards the suspension bridge
  • when we returned from the High Rockies trail to the parking lot, we headed up the Black Prince trail out the west side of the parking lot



Degree of difficulty:

  • given the distance and relatively gentle terrain we were able to do these two hikes back to back in just under four hours
  • the High Rockies trail has a gentle ascent from the Spray Lakes Road to the main trail which then meanders along up and down with no major climbing
  • this trail takes about an hour each way to the suspension bridge and back
  • on the second leg, we only went as far as the cirque at Black Prince, as you have to be careful of avalanche danger when you get closer to the mountain slopes
  • the cirque is a 4.2 km out and back
  • it is a bit of a steady climb for the first km, but then you start a gentle loop thru the trees to an open cirque with beautiful views of the surrounding peaks
  • there was a fresh dusting of snow, so I just wore my snowshoe boots, some wore grippers, and a few folks wore their snowshoes



Interesting notes:

  • similar to the weekend before, both of these trails are easy hikes and hence very suitable for young kids, beginner hikers, or the elderly
  • not many people know about the suspension bridge as it is on the newest section of the High Rockies bridge (I spotted it on Instagram)
  • unfortunately, the bridge was closed, presumably due to the winter snow and ice, although it is incredibly well built and very stable looking
  • this section of the High Rockies trail will be a nice ride in the summer on a mountain bike and could also be done on a fat tire bike in the winter
  • Black Prince can be dangerous if you go too close to the slopes so be very careful in this area
  • we had a huge entourage of 15 people and 10 dogs which made for a fun journey