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Baldy Pass Hike


  • Baldy Pass



  • March 4, 2023



  • Ed, An, Erin, Oak, Peter, Roger



  • heading west from Calgary, take Highway 40 south
  • follow 40 south for 14.2 km, and the Baldy Pass parking lot is on the right (west) side of the road
  • from the parking lot, the trailhead is across the highway and slightly to the right



Degree of difficulty:

  • 525 meters elevation to about halfway up the ridge towards the summit
  • 8.8 km round trip
  • 3.5 hours total time on the trail
  • the trail starts on a broad trail through the forest along a moderately graded trail
  • after 800 meters of walking, take the left fork towards Baldy Pass
  • at Baldy Pass turn left to start up the Baldy Pass ridge (turning right takes you up to Midnight Peak)



Interesting notes:

  • the trail offers panoramic views of Midnight Peak, Wasootch Peak, Mount Kidd, Nakiska, Mount Allan, Mount Collembola, Mount Lorette, and Barrier Lake
  • this trail continues on to the three peaks of Mt. Baldy
  • during World War 2, prisoners in a nearby internment camp were occasionally permitted to make the ascent of Mt. Baldy as long as they promised to return
  • Mt. Baldy is named after several members of our hiking group (Oak, Craig, Rod)…okay, maybe I made that up
  • up until 1984, when it was given its current official name, it was commonly referred to as Barrier Mountain due to its proximity to Barrier Lake