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Telemark Nordic Club/Peachland Centennial Trail Strolls


  • Telemark Nordic Club/Peachland Centennial Trail Strolls



  • August 12, 2020



  • Ed, Jace, Marilyn, Stephanie, Mary



  • starts at the Telemark Nordic Club in West Kelowna
  • 30 km from downtown Kelowna (about a 35-minute drive)
  • head south on Highway 97 and turn off at Glenrosa Road
  • follow this road for 9 km to the parking lot where the trailhead starts at the far end
  • after the Telemark stroll, we drove a couple of km further up Glenrosa Road to the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort
  • from here we drove back down to Highway 97 and headed south into Peachland (20-minute drive)



Degree of difficulty:

  • Telemark was a flat walk on cross country/snowshoe trails
  • we walked 3 km in total on the Squirrel trail and around the biathlon park
  • spent an hour walking around but the trails were not really conducive to hiking, and there were hordes of mosquitoes
  • the Peachland beach boardwalk trail runs for 1.2 km and provides beautiful views of the lakes, surrounding mountains, and the unique Peachland buildings (we went from north to south on this flat trail in about an hour at a leisurely pace)



Interesting notes:

  • Telemark Nordic Club is a nonprofit sports club dedicated to fostering and promoting winter Nordic sports
  • it is a very popular cross country and snowshoe area and in the summer is more conducive to horseback riding and mountain biking
  • the Crystal Mountain ski hill has been shut down for a few years, but there is talk of it reopening it
  • the Peachland beach boardwalk was built in 2008 as part of the town’s Centennial celebration and hence is named the Centennial Trail
  • it spans five blocks along Beach Avenue and is a most enjoyable walk for the views, recreational area and historical buildings
  • it has some wonderful beach access including a water park with handicap access as well as some grass areas
  • one interesting historical fact is that 60 brave young men from Peachland served in WW1 and 17 of them did not return, which marks the largest per capital loss in Canada